Ibex Pedals


The ultimate trail pedals. CNCed from 6061 Alloy.

9/16" axles with 6mm broach for use on all modern cranks.

Slim platform with dual concave.

Supplied with your choice of fully adjustable stainless steel pins;
- The regular pins are more suited to BMX and vulcanised type shoe soles.
- The dog point pins have a narrower head (as seen in the photo with a black background) and are more suited to muddier conditions/harder soled shoes more commonly used by MTB riders.

We couldn't find the perfect all around pedal, so we designed a new one from scratch;
- BMX pedals were too small to provide a comfortable ride on booters.
- MTB pedals either had in-bound pins, protruding corners, poor concave, or protrusions around the axle or bearings.

When changing or adjusting pins, you will need to reset them with loctite. We recommend loctite 638.